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7 unexpected ways our free IFC viewer can give you better results

August 30, 2018 4 min. read

This is the second post in our best-use series that shows some of BIM Track’s practical applications. This month, we focus on BIM Track’s free web viewer for IFCs.

Issue tracking is what BIM Track does best.  But how do we give issues the full context necessary to understand them, screenshots aside?

Enter BIM Track’s web viewer

BIM Track’s web viewer allows you to create a federated model by importing IFCs. The web viewer is easily accessible anywhere you have a browser and is always up to date because it’s cloud-based.  While you’ll need to start paying after your allotted 50 free issues, you can use BIM Track’s web viewer strictly as an IFC viewer at no charge.

So how can you use our IFC viewer?

Here are our top 7 out-of-the-box uses for BIM Track’s IFC viewer.

1. Tender process

If you have a realistic design model, why not share it with subcontractors for the tender process? You can give subcontractors non-modifiable access to the models. Even subcontractors who are not quite yet “into BIM” will be able to get a feel for the construction with the 3D models. You could even create a copy of the model where subcontractors can ask questions when submitting for tender about specific areas using BIM Track issues directly in the model.

2. Design review

You can review models without Revit or other authoring software using BIM Track’s IFC viewer. With unlimited files and only a browser required, it’s an easy way to share and have discussions around models. Combine it with issue tracking, and you can take meeting notes directly in the model so questions or issues can be actioned directly after the meeting.

3. Model validation / data validation

The IFC viewer can also be used for model / data validation. BIM Track’s web viewer is an easy way to perform visual checks to validate the scope of a project and ensure overall model quality.

4. Model management

It’s quite likely on any given project that there are a wide variety of authoring software programs beings used. Create a federated model using IFCs in BIM Track’s web viewer. The IFC viewer is much more intelligent and BIM project-oriented than dropbox. It can be used as one solution, with revision history, folder structure, and the ability to turn individual models on and off. Project managers in particular enjoy the ability to use color coding, set transparency, and make predefined views for clients (or users can make it themselves).

BIM Track premium will also soon have the ability to publish IFCs straight from BIM Track’s Revit add-in with one click, IFC version control, and the ability to combine 2D documents against the 3D model for even easier model management and issue context.

5. Estimation

A lot of assumptions can be made when estimating, especially in 2D. BIM Track’s web viewer allows even those who aren’t working in BIM day in day out to evaluate their assumptions. BIM Track is certainly not an estimation tool. But it very much can support that kind of software. And did we mention it’s free?! You will also soon be able to combine the 2D and 3D with our premium plan as mentioned above.

6. Feedback

Cities and other owners that want to be accountable to the users of their buildings can use the web viewer as a way getting user feedback. Call it public review, community feedback, or simply building to cater to your user.

7. Facilities Management / Operations

BIM Track’s web viewer can also be used by your clients later on for facilities management and operations purposes. This is especially helpful for planned renovations. Even better, it’s completely free of charge, even if you had used issue tracking on the project. The access remains. You can't create new issues, but can still keep older ones. Or you can download the federated model.

You can find out more about BIM Track’s web viewer here or sign up for your free account today. If you can think of any other uses, I’d love for you to tweet me @AlexineGS.

- Alexine Gordon-Stewart

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