BIM Track July 2019 Release

Our July 2019 release bringing a smoother user-experience between Navisworks and BIM Track when using saved viewpoints.

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The #SharedPains Podcast episode #10: Carl Veillette

Our co-founder and VP of Product Carl Veillette appeared on the Shared Pains Podcast to talk all about the digitization of building information and the value of creating, exchanging and presenting that information in an efficient and cost-effective way.

BIM Track May 2019 Release #2

BIM Track’s second release of May 2019 features issue filtering by description, 2x speed improvement to our clashes to issues feature, and updated compatibility with Autodesk 2020 products.

BIM Track May 2019 Release

BIM Track’s May 2019 release features significant usability improvements to the BIM Track web platform & viewer, introduces @ mentions, and other improvements to our user experience.

BIM Track Global eTraining Partnership

We’ve been close with the team at Global eTraining for quite some time now. It’s high time, really, that we got BIM Track training modules on the e-learning platform Global eTraining, adding to their impressive list of interactive online training solutions!

We respect your privacy

You’ve maybe already heard from us about how we respect your privacy. To better protect you and to provide more transparency about our internal processes, we have updated our Privacy Policy. It will come into effect April 23rd. We’d like to encourage you to read the full privacy policy here.

BIM Track partners with IAC in Latin America

At BIM Track, our goal is to improve BIM coordination with project-wide transparency and accountability through our cloud-based collaborative platform. With that goal in mind, we are pleased to an...

BIM Track Premium launched

With today’s release, we are officially launching BIM Track’s Premium Plan. Many of you have been using these features while they have been in beta. So what does BIM Track Premium include?

New release: Advanced view in model behaviors

BIM Track’s view in model feature might seem like a simple tool, but it’s one that will save you an average of 2 minutes per issue opened. We know your workflow efficiency depends on it, so the main focus of this release is to give you more cross-platform, view in model options.

Custom Issue Attributes

Many project owners have that one bit of data they wish they could add to each issue. With custom attributes, you will be able to add up to 3 custom issue attributes per project. Discover possible uses and how to get set up.

Modena brings BIM Track to South Africa

We’re proud to announce Modena as our new reseller of BIM Track in South Africa. Modena are specialists in the business of design, with dedicated teams for the AEC space as well as infrastructure products. As an Autodesk Gold Partner and Authorized Training Center, Modena understands what it takes to get the job done on time and on budget.

AutoCAD joins the BIM Track party

The goal of BIM Track is to improve communications or project coordination. We can’t leave millions of AutoCAD users, from MEP designs working in AutoCAD MEP day in day out infrastructure projects using Civil 3D, out of the construction puzzle.

BIM Track partners with Kelar Pacific in California

We are proud to share that Kelar Pacific has recently become a BIM Track reseller. We were able to kick off this partnership at the recent AEC Next event in Anaheim California, where BIM Track was presented in the dedicated Kelar Pacific room along with Kelar’s other core products.

Latest BIM Track release: Project settings

There can be a lot of detail saved within a project’s settings. To avoid the tedium of recreating these settings on each new project, you can now export a project’s settings for use on new projects.

Latest BIM Track release: New Features

The latest BIM Track release is live! There’s plenty of powerful new features for even faster performance including batch status resolution of Navisworks clashes, an enhanced issue publication interface in our 3D viewer, some brilliant hub tools to easily manage large teams & compatibility with Tekla Structures’ recent upgrades to 21.1 & 2017i.

February 2018 Release: New Features

Check out what’s new in release 5 of BIM Track, including BCF 2.1 compliance, default quick filters, element isolation, and restore view state feature in the 3D viewer. If you are using an add-in, please make sure to install the latest version to take advantage of these changes.