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The BIM Track Big 5

Less dangerous than seeing lions, leopard, rhinos, elephants or cape buffalo, but much more rare to see together: see what 5 principles drive our development and improve the bottom line for our clients.


Easy communication

You’re pretty good at finding model quality issues and clashes in your models. But what happens once they’re found? Action items get siloed in email threads. Team members need to wait for meetings to move forward. The result? “We’ll coordinate as much as we can before deadline X.” We say that’s not good enough.

BIM Track provides the basic information you need to resolve coordination issues. Who is responsible for resolving this. When it needs to be fixed by. Have questions? Your team can comment back and forth on issues directly in their everyday software and anyone can view the issue context.

Better communication


Maximum context & interoperability

We believe the data in BIM Track belongs to you, our clients. It’s our job to help you find ways to visualize and share this valuable data  where you need it. When data sits in silos, your time and money are being wasted.

You can use BIM Track directly in Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Solibri, Tekla Structures or our browser-based web platform. We’re making it easier for teams working in 2D and 3D to work together in a user-friendly platform.

Our API allows for bi-directional data exchange. Issues can be exchanged across different platforms using the BCF file format. We also let data in; IFC models can be imported into BIM Track’s free web viewer to see your issues in their full context without expensive authoring software licenses.

Software that talks


Accountability & transparency

Let’s face it: if your name is publicly assigned to an issue, it’s much more likely to get resolved than if it is batted around like a ping-pong ball during coordination meetings. Individuals and teams alike are accountable with BIM Track to each other and other stakeholders.

You can’t delete anything in BIM Track either: issues or comments. The whole, unvarnished truth is contained within! There is, however, a strong notion of team access, so you can resolve internal issues amongst your fellow team members.

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Spend time on value-added tasks

Every minute counts. On a large airport project, we discovered that the average time it takes to navigate to an issue in the authoring software is 2 wasted minutes. With BIM Track, you simply click “View in Model” in Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structures or our web viewer and get taken directly to the issue’s location.

We apply this time-saving philosophy to everything we do. Do you respond to LinkedIn messages (from people you know) or email faster? That’s why we have the comments tool for each issue. Why spend time creating the same report every week? You can now schedule reports that email your predefined coordination report template to the right team members at predefined intervals.

Use your experience where it counts


The right information for the right decisions

Project management is a critical part of BIM Track. Because we have issue metadata such as priority, teams, zones and more, we can measure our coordination progress without any extra work.

Simple analytics & reporting

Key Benefits

Instant Collaboration & Communication

BIM Track takes a data-driven approach to coordination using the power of the cloud so that all stakeholders can work simultaneously with up-to-date issue data.

Accessibility & Transparency

BIM Track’s web-based platform gives project access to all stakeholders, who can access the information they need and track the evolution of the issue resolution process to better understand the coordination state of your projects.

Reduce Issue Management Time

Don't wait for coordination meetings & printed reports. Save valuable time & stop searching for the right issue view or finding that one email.

In-context Workflow

Never leave your work environment: create, view, and resolve issues directly in the authoring software with our direct integrations for Revit, Navisworks, Solibri, Verity and Tekla Structures.

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Compatible with your software.

"As the manager, [BIM Track] helps me understand
where we are at globally in our BIM coordination efforts"

Clifton Cole

BIM Manager at Penta Building Group

"As an owner, what we particularly like with BIM Track is the easy access we have on the platform"

Raphaël Cayer

Project Coordinator, Engineering & Construction at YQB Airport

"The user interface is so well put together. It’s a powerful tool,
but very easy to understand."

Darren Roos

Corporate BIM/VDC Director at Bernards USA

"The client has access to BIM Track. That's one of the things we like: the transparency"

Lee Howard

CAD Manager & BIM Specialist at Allies & Morrison

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Hypermodeling for as-built validation

The ability to combine 2D drawings with your 3D models or Hypermodeling as we like to call it, is exciting not only for what it does, but also for its potential to be used in a wide variety of situations. In this article we’ll look at using Hypermodeling for validating as-built models, as well as Verity. We’ll also talk about why it's useful for project leaders to have an updated 3D model / digital twin of their project.