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BIM Track Key Features

See how BIM Track can simplify BIM coordination communications on your next project:



Centralize all communications around coordination such as issues, as well as questions, comments, requests, approvals, and answers from your project’s team for quick and efficient real-time communication. Regain control of your productivity and never search mind-numbingly through your inbox for THAT ONE EMAIL YOU NEED ever again!



Project Workspace

Get to your BIM coordination issues in a snap thanks to BIM Track’s projects workspaces, where all details about any given project(s) can be found. Manage and track issues, access all project documentation and files, and view and annotate all 2D plans & 3D models.



Software Integration

BIM Track is the #1 online issue management solution for communications, which means team members can access info anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to work in Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structures or with the online platform, all your project issues are up-to-date and presented in the same list.




You can't improve what you can't measure. BIM Track’s sophisticated data analytics allow you to set and monitor KPIs so that you can make sure your project remains on track (while tracking your issues!). You can also easily identify & sort critical problems such as clashes, code compliance issues and more design-related issues. Solve particularly thorny issues before they become profit-gouging change orders.




Slash reporting time thanks to BIM Track’s easy-to-use BIM coordination reporting features. Create and customize any performance, quality control or governance reports you need for stakeholders, clients, management or regulatory bodies.


Key Benefits

Instant Collaboration & Communication

BIM Track is a data driven approach using the power of the cloud to provide instant collaboration and allowing stakeholders to work simultaneously with the most up-to-date issue data.

Accessibility & Transparency

With our web-based platform, invite all stakeholders to your projects to facilitate the collaboration and access the information, witness the evolution of the issue resolution process to better understand the status of your projects.

Reduce Issue Management Time

Don't wait for coordination meetings & printed reports. Save valuable time & stop searching for the right issue view or finding that one email.

In-context Workflow

Never leave your work environment: create, view, and resolve issues directly in the authoring software with our add-ins for Revit, Navisworks, and Tekla Structures.

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Connected to your software.

"As the manager, [BIM Track] helps me understand
where we are at globally in our BIM coordination efforts"

Clifton Cole

BIM Manager at Penta Building Group

"As an owner, what we particularly like with BIM Track is the easy access we have on the platform"

Raphaël Cayer

Project Coordinator, Engineering & Construction at YQB Airport

"The user interface is so well put together. It’s a powerful tool,
but very easy to understand."

Darren Roos

Corporate BIM/VDC Director at Bernards USA

"The client has access to BIM Track. That's one of the things we like: the transparency"

Lee Howard

CAD Manager & BIM Specialist at Allies & Morrison

"BIM Track's major
strength is in its'

John Warburton

Architect & BIM Coordinator at Northmill Associates

What's New

BIM Track for owners

BIM Track is often used by owners that actively participate in the project management of their construction. However, issue tracking also has clear benefits for owners that are focused on the outcome of projects, with outsourced project management teams or consultants working on the day-to-day deliverables.

DCW Speaker Spotlight with Carl Veillette

This article was first published on the Digital Construction Week blog July 31st, 2018. Here is an excerpt from the piece: We hold our first Speaker Spotlight for 2018, with Carl Veillette, Co-Founder at BIM One Inc, and CTIO of BIM Track. We get to know a bit more about Carl, his work and what he'll be bringing to Digital Construction Week 2018. You can see Carl speaking on our Tech Stage on the 17 & 18 October at the Excel, London.

How BIM 360 Glue + BIM Track work together

Does BIM Track work with BIM 360 Glue? While some clients prefer using IFCs in BIM Track’s model viewer, the cool thing is you don’t need to. If you already have a model exchange workflow with BIM 360 Glue, you can keep using it in conjunction with BIM Track.