Jimmy Plante

Co-Founder, CEO

Carl Veillette

Co-Founder, Vice-President Innovation & Technology

André Couture

CFO, Advisor & Investor

Christian Proulx

Vice-President Sales & Marketing

Sylvain Roy

HR Director

Alain Bolduc

IT Director

David Roy

Senior .NET Developer & Scrum Master

Naomi Charbonneau

Project manager & Lead quality assurance

Jonathan Dubé

Senior .NET Developer

Simon Lemieux

Senior Software Developer

Éric Fournier

Lead UX and Front-End Developer

Ismaël Gélineau

.NET Developer

Charles Boudreau

.NET Developer

Daniel Mckenzie

.NET Developer

Alexandre Aubé

.NET Developer

Vincent Cartier

Quality Assurance

Rémi Massé

Quality Assurance

Tommy Leclerc Dubé

User support level 2 & IT manager

Matthew Londei

Customer Success Manager

Alexine Gordon-Stewart

Content & Community

Jonathan Desmeules

Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer

John Barkwell

Business Development Manager

Eric Marrapodi

Sales Representative

Dave Allard

Sales Representative

Olivier Séguin

Sales and Marketing Assistant

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