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Setting up Revit shared coordinates

“I tried BIM Track once. But when I hit <View in Model>, I got nothing.” This sentence is the surest way to break our BIM Track hearts. Is it because our software is terrible? No. It’s because this problem boils down to the dreaded SHARED COORDINATES. In this blog post, we are going to share our best practices for sharing coordinates across your models in Revit.

Coordination confessions ep. #1

Welcome to the first installment of coordination confessions, our advice column penned by our new agony aunt Wilma. Submit your completely anonymous coordination confessions, be they people or technology problems on the job and you might be featured in the next installment.


We respect your privacy

You’ve maybe already heard from us about how we respect your privacy. To better protect you and to provide more transparency about our internal processes, we have updated our Privacy Policy. It will come into effect April 23rd. We’d like to encourage you to read the full privacy policy here.

BIM Track partners with IAC in Latin America

At BIM Track, our goal is to improve BIM coordination with project-wide transparency and accountability through our cloud-based collaborative platform. With that goal in mind, we are pleased to an...


BIM Street hits AEC Next 2019

We’re excited to announce that a #BIMStreet delegation will be at AEC Next 2019 May 21st - 23rd. We’re looking forward to spreading the good word we started at Autodesk University in 2018 about our mix of helpful solutions and our positive attitude to BIM adoption.

BILT ANZ Melbourne 2019

BIM Track heads to Melbourne, Australia for BILT ANZ from May 23-25. Check us our do-not-miss classes and visit Alexine & Carl on booth 34.

BIM Track at BiLT-NA

Some of the most popular sessions have already sold out at BILT NA 2019 in Seattle, but we’ve got your back and found some gems that are must-attends and still have seats left. Here are some of our top picks.