BIM Coordination Meetings What's Your Secret Sauce Vol 2: Collaboration for the Win!

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Better Construction Coordination with Navisworks and BIM Track

Join us to hear proposed solutions to some common pains regarding the model coordination process during a project.

Get 5 tips for taking BIM into Virtual Reality with VRcollab and BIM Track

VR is not only cost-effective, but can also help to mitigate the risk of unrealistic expectations once the project is complete. BIM Track and VR Collab invite you to attend a 45-minute webinar with 5 tips for taking BIM into Virtual Reality.

Episode 1: Coordinate Systems & Project Setup

This series of webinars hosted by Carl Storms of BIM Track and Jason Boehning of Click2BIM will be delivered in a Lab style, with datasets and basic instructions (handouts) available for each webinar, that will be downloadable by the attendees and those that watch the videos after.

Tips & Tricks for BIM Track Issues & S’more

Join us to hear proposed solutions to some common pains regarding the model coordination process during a project.

Our newest integration with BrisCAD allows you to access and update BIM Track issues directly in the BricsCAD environment while working in 2D or 3D. Watch our joint webinar to see how it works. 

These 60 minutes is full of tips from BIM coordination experts with a diverse range of experience that touch on every aspect of your coordination meetings.

Track issues created in Enscape through to resolution for an improved design review workflow

Join us for an introductory discussion about the new Enscape integration.

This is a great opportunity to ask all your questions and have them answered live by product experts from both BIM Track and Enscape!  


Track issues created in Enscape through to resolution for an improved design review workflow

Join BIM Track and Enscape user Daniel Hurtubise for a use-case demo to see how the integration with Enscape works on a real-life project. This session will go into the technical side of the integration and how to use it.  

Discover BIM Track's latest integration with Vrex

Vrex by Vixel is a virtual reality platform that allows users to host meetings in VR inside their 3D models. Track issues raised in VR through to resolution with the Vrex + BIM Track integration. 

Discover Cintoo Cloud’s integration with BIM Track

Cintoo Cloud is the leading platform for managing laser scans in the cloud. Track issues found while comparing laser scans and BIM models through to resolution with the Cintoo Cloud + BIM Track integration for an improved QA/QC workflow.

Are you tasked with more than issues?

Join Carl Storms as he discusses how to get you into the task management game with BIM Track. Learn how to check-in on project progress, get tasks directly in BIM authoring platforms, and use the metrics and reporting features to stay on top of your to-do list. 

Informal chat sharing lessons learned from remote coordination

Quite a few teams are reevaluating their coordination process undeterred by new challenges. Join BIM Track team as we have a chat on managing remote coordination.

Wednesday, February 5th at 12pm EST

IMAGINIT Clarity seeks to automate boring, repetitive tasks and improve data reporting, security and Revit model health. BIM Track tracks your project’s issues through to resolution in the authoring software. Thanks to client demand, we’re proud to introduce the IMAGINiT Clarity + BIM Track integration.

Coordinating with multiple design firms, design consultants, equipment vendors, and trade subcontractors on a fast-paced, complex project can be quite the challenge to orchestrate and ensure all parties remain on task when coordination issues arise.

From issues to RFIs in seconds

Are you a Procore user?
Join Kris and Matthew as they share how to transform BIM Track issues to Procore RFIs in seconds.

Join Carl Veillette, Jacob D'Albora and Kelly Cone as they share how the BIM Track + Verity integration was used on the complex renovation of an old JC Penney into a new health facility.

Educational Webinar

How can issue tracking capitalize on openBIM methodologies for easier cross-platform communication? Join our CTIO Carl Veillette as he delves into the power of the BIM Collaboration Format (or BCF).