What's BIM Track?

BIM Track is a web-based collaboration platform that empowers your team with better BIM coordination workflows. BIM Track becomes a central location for all the information, issues, and communications that team members need for a project: from design to construction. With information at your fingertips, you can review the project design at anytime, anywhere, either from a desktop or mobile device using a web browser.

BIM Track is intuitive and easy to use, ensuring quick onboarding and minimal training for users of all levels. In fact, even the most technology-phobic users become major fans of all that BIM Track has to offer!

BIM Track is an OpenBIM workflow solution and supports both IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and BCF (BIM Collaboration Format).

BIM Track has 5 key features to help your next project:

01. Communications

BIM Track's simple communication tools help teams to, quite simply, get work done faster. BIM Track centralizes all BIM coordination information in one place and eliminates the archaic and inefficient use of email. Speed up collaboration, increase across-the-board understanding, and align the work of every team member with BIM Track. 

Visualization of BIM information is a core feature

BIM Track enables:

  • Cross-platform communication
  • Bi-directional issue tracking workflows
  • In-context communications (view issues directly in Revit, Navisworks & Tekla Structures)
  • Easy issue management
  • Location-based issue tracking
  • Tying model elements with issues
  • Real-time notification system
  • Markup issues from models or plans on smart screenshots which can be retrieved in 2D and 3D

See centralized comms in action

02. Project Workspace

BIM Track’s hubs are like workspaces where all of your different projects' real-time information and data can be accessed by your team. BIM Track plans include an unlimited number of projects. You can always rest assured knowing that the most up-to-date information and documentation are available.

  • A browser and an internet connection are all you need for BIM Track's web-based platform. No software, no installs, and no complex IT deployment to get started.
  • A user-friendly issue dashboard with classification feature to prioritize and organize issues helps you engage more people in the BIM process.
  • The BIM Track web viewer allows you to import, merge, display and navigate several models from different BIM/CAD authoring software to create a federated model. It also allows you to import 2D plans from PDFs.
  • Publish 3D models, 2D plans, and documents to share with your team. BIM Track keeps track of all revisions and changes.
  • View all revisions of your plans and models. You can open any revision to see its' original design state at that time.
  • Issues can be archived for maximum traceability.

See the power of BIM Track's web viewer

03. Software Integration

Your BIM coordination workflow has never been this easy, efficient, and seamless. BIM Track integrates with industry-leading design & clash detection software and supports open standard file formats. No more time is wasted on non-inter-operable software package exchanges. Use our open API if you want to connect with other software such as Microsoft Power BI or your own custom systems.

Autodesk Revit add-in

Autodesk Navisworks add-in

Tekla Structures add-in

BIM Track open API for custom integrations

Solibri connection using our buildingSMART BCF rest API

Compliant with buildingSMART’s BCF for connecting to popular platforms such as Trimble Novapoint, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, and DDS-CAD.

Compliant with buildingSMART’s IFC format for connection with hundreds of software programs and platforms.


04. Analytics

You can’t improve what you can't measure. BIM Track gives you access to sophisticated data analytics tools and easy-to-understand graphics to drill down and make better decisions. Improve your BIM coordination workflow, more effectively manage resources and gain insight into potential pitfalls within your project using key performance indicators.

  • Average open issue age
  • Average time to close an issue
  • Number of open vs closed issues
  • Interactive pie charts for issue attributes


05. Reporting

Because all of your data is in one place, you can slash reporting time by creating customized BIM coordination reports for any type of stakeholder, regulatory body or for governance purposes.

Configure report formatting

Create and reuse report templates

Print coordination reports and metrics

Export issues as an Excel or BCF file

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