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Joining Forces: Newforma + BIM Track

June 19, 2023 4 min. read

Newforma pioneered the PIM software category in 2004, and BIM Track basically created cloud-based issue-tracking in 2016. And in 2021, Newforma acquired BIM Track

We came together because we all believe that more connected project teams lead to better project outcomes and we believe in innovation through digital collaboration. 

With this merger, we make a promise: that our shared vision of open standards and interconnectedness will forever change how the AECO industry designs and delivers its projects, and that easy access to the right information at the right time is key to enhancing productivity and driving successful project delivery.

And today we’re launching a groundbreaking cloud-based solution, and are excited to showcase what it can do for you and your projects! 

Newforma Konekt: the platform that connects information and collaboration.

Newforma Konekt – which was built from the best elements of Newforma Project Center and BIM Track – is our answer to cloudSaaS-based Information Management. Newforma Konekt gives AECO project teams all over the world access to their complete project data. It unifies conversations, project files, action items, and contractual workflows into a single cloud-hosted platform, while at the same time providing a history of the project from conception to completion.

Newforma Konekt streamlines communication and increases efficiency in collaboration. It does this by combining:

  • People through Project Management
  • Information through Project Information Management (PIM)
  • Process through Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination

Read more about Newforma Konekt’s benefits and features 

Embracing interconnectedness and collaboration.

The merger between Newforma and BIM Track is rooted in a shared view that easy access to the right information at the right time is key to better AECO planning and successful project management – from design, to ribbon-cutting, and beyond. 

All Newforma products ensure that stakeholders are able to access the information they need while using the tools and software they prefer: in short, don’t get rid of the tools you’re used to, just enhance the way you coordinate between your tools and your stakeholder teams! Our products eliminate information barriers, foster accountability, and streamline workflows so that you can deliver your projects efficiently and on time.

Unleashing the potential of AECO collaboration.

It takes countless people working across dozens of teams to make construction projects go from design to ribbon-cutting. Success and delivery rely on more than just efficient management, but also on strong collaboration.

Newforma and BIM Track each held a different piece of that puzzle and shared a mutual vision of connected collaboration. 


The union between Newforma and BIM Track is a turning point in the AECO industry, where collaboration, information accessibility, and contextualized data take center stage. Under the Newforma name, we remain unwaveringly committed to our client’s success, and in positively transforming the AECO industry.  

At Newforma, we’re here to build a world where information is easily accessible to all who need it, where connected collaboration brings projects to life, and where our customers shine.

We’re proud of where we came from and exhilarated about where we’re headed. We’re Newforma, and we’re glad you’re a part of our unified team.


P.S. for Newforma Project Center Users

To our valued, existing Newforma Project Center customers, we remain fully committed to and will continue to invest in the development and improvement of the platform you know and trust. We look forward to continuing this journey together and delivering the excellence you deserve.

In essence, the merger of Newforma and BIM Track has allowed us to add another feather in our cap, which is why Newforma Konekt is built off of the best features of NPC. We invite you to try the new platform for yourself and see what it can offer you, all while knowing that NPC isn’t going anywhere. 

Our dedication to serving you remains unwavering as we continue to reinvest and add functionality to empower your project delivery processes.

P.P.S. To our esteemed BIM Track users

To you we extend a warm welcome to Newforma, and assure you that the platform you knew as BIM Track is fully integrated into Newforma Konekt. In fact, the #BIMTrackers that you've connected with and continue to rely on for your BIM Track needs are active members of the Newforma team today.

So, as far as you’re concerned, the most immediate difference is the platform’s name. 

That said, the combined expertise of Newforma and BIM Track has allowed us to create a platform that leverages the best of both worlds, while sacrificing none of the features you’ve come to rely upon. So, while you can use Newforma Konekt just as you would have used BIM Track to streamline BIM coordination, manage action items, and collaborate on projects, you’ll quickly discover that the platform also adds features for contract administration, email management, file sharing, and more. 

We’re dedicated to providing you with a seamless transition. Together, we embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and interconnectedness, so that your projects are better than ever; and we’re excited to take this journey with you!

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Content Creator