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BIM Track Launches Mobile Companion App to Streamline Field-Office Coordination

May 17, 2022 3 min. read

Montreal, Quebec – March 2nd, 2022 BIM Track is pleased to announce the launch of BIM Track Mobile, a companion app to BIM Track’s cloud platform for BIM coordination, available as a free download for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Keeping communication and collaboration between the field and the office on construction projects can be tricky.   

Historically, valuable information was scattered in SMS, email, in Microsoft team messages, or other platforms. This typically led to confusion, delays, and headaches. With BIM Track’s mobile app, job-site teams will now be able to quickly track tasks and questions assigned to them, while back in the office BIM Coordinators will be able to easily monitor action items in one place. With the tap of a finger on any iOS or Android cell phone, even when offline, field teams will be saving time and confusion. 

With BIM Track Mobile, those on the jobsite can quickly capture information using their cell phone, and relay it to the office. Projects are instantly updated, issues are linked with corresponding assignments, and models are kept up-to-date. 

BIM Track Mobile fills an important piece of the BIM puzzle,” explained Carl Veillette, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at BIM Track. “It allows for a single channel between job sites and the office so that less time is wasted with ambiguity, retroaction occurs more quickly, and time is spent more efficiently resolving challenges.”

As a cellphone application, BIM Track Mobile was designed with accessibility and ease of use in mind. Most notably, it has offline functionality, which is important for those times when cell network or wifi access is lacking on the job site. On-site teams can use the application to log issues, track work assignments, and answer requests from BIM or VDC managers right from the app. This simplifies the foreman’s daily tasks: the days of having to write observations in a log book and then transcribe them to email or to a form in the trailer are over.

For the BIM / VDC manager, BIM Track Mobile allows them to spend less time searching between SMS, emails, or other digital conversations to organize comments, notes, questions, and picture locations of on-site conditions, as the app instantly connects data from the field to specific project tasks. 

Finally, on-site workers can use BIM Track Mobile to log their daily tasks and access their to-do checklist at their fingertips, increasing not only their own accountability but that of their supervisor's as well.

The UX team at BIM Track dedicated much of their energy designing an accessible and easy-to-use interface,” according to Christian Proulx, VP Sales and Marketing. “This is because adoption in the field is key to leveraging the benefits provided by the app so that on-site teams can let architects and engineers know the precise conditions they are meeting on the field. So we are very excited to showcase BIM Track Mobile to site coordinators.

This product launch is part of BIM Track’s ongoing commitment to help companies achieve the epitome of efficient and streamlined BIM coordination and collaboration from design to pre-construction and beyond. Identifying, assessing, planning, mitigating, monitoring, and analyzing risk across all projects, positions BIM Track Mobile users at the forefront of those who can consistently deliver a better-built environment, on time and properly coordinated. 

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