BIM Track Releases NextGen Viewer – the Fastest Web-Based Viewer on the Market – for Public Beta

September 19, 2022 2 min. read

September 14, 2022, Quebec City – BIM Track is proud to announce the release of NextGen Viewer for public beta. This much-anticipated update to the viewer was heavily inspired by user, client, and community feedback. It is an instrument of the BIM Track web platform for BIM/VDC coordination and collaboration, and answers users’ needs for smooth consultation of sheets and all model types with minimal loading delays. It is now available for testing in public beta, and BIM Track invites everyone to try it out and see how easy it is to use, and to offer feedback.

The NextGen Viewer is fast-loading, lightweight, and allows users to activate many more models than previously possible.

“The NextGen viewer is the fastest web-based viewer on the market, and provides remarkably smooth 3D pivoting. It marks an important milestone on our product roadmap,” explains Carl Veillette, CPO at BIM Track, “I am very impressed with our team because the NextGen Viewer is not only great when compared to our legacy viewer, but also when compared to other BIM viewers on the market.”

NextGen Viewer is not simply an update of BIM Track’s legacy viewer, but a redesign from the ground-up. Notably it sports a more intuitive user experience, leading to a more impressive performance. The right-side panel allows for easy referencing between sheets, models, and issues, so that a user can easily switch their focus between them. With its external URL support, users can quickly access outside issues directly in the viewer. Comments and issues can be added directly to a model from inside the viewer as well. 

“We’re confident that users will switch over to the NextGen Viewer quite quickly once they get a taste for how versatile it is,” stated Nikita Lambert, Product Owner. 

About BIM Track

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Victoria Salvador, Director of Marketing