What is BIM Track?

BIM Track is a collaboration platform that gives you the power to communicate across platforms on the issues that matter.

Whether you’re a Project Manager who wants to see if your issues will be resolved on time using BIM Track’s web platform, a general contractor raising clashes to issues in Navisworks or Solibri for resolution in the authoring software, or an architect doing a visual walkthrough in BIM Track’s web viewer, all issue data is up to date regardless of where you’re working. Issues are assigned to a person, with a deadline for resolution, along with a pack of other useful metadata including custom fields to analyze and monitor coordination performance.

Why is BIM Track taking the industry by storm?

The answer lies in our roots;
BIM Track was created by
our team BIM specialists on a real project.

We’ve built a solution that is both powerful and easy to use, in your everyday software because we have felt your coordination pain.

Responsive + agile

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness; whether it’s through our chat, our dedicated customer success team, or our active wishlist.

Simple to use

We believe is should be easy to work efficiently. From our interface to our user experience, BIM Track is easy to use for users of all levels, promoting team engagement.

Uniting teams

We are breaking down information silos by making it easy for all teams to communicate with each other in their software of choice, including those working in 2D and 3D.

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