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The BIM Track wish list

July 17, 2018 2 min. read

Our team has a clear direction and roadmap for where we are taking BIM Track. But great ideas don’t just come internally.

We listen to our clients. One of our most powerful product development tools is our wish list that our awesome clients actively contribute to. I want to “lift the lid” on how our wish list-to-feature process works.

Since we started our wish list this past November, 10% of ideas have already been delivered (including my personal favorite, our new project dashboard) and 30% are in BIM Track's planned development. Here’s the breakdown:

Pie chart BIM Track

Figure 1.0 BIM Track wish list ideas broken down by action taken.

So how does it work? Paying clients simply submit their idea in the portal with title, details, category and their email address. These then get sent to us for review, which we do on a biweekly basis. I look forward to checking these over and getting inspired by our clients.

BIM Track wish list

Figure 2.0 The BIM Track wish list.

We try not to make too many adjustments, just making sure the description is sufficient enough for other users to understand. I also check it against our project roadmap, as it may already be planned. If so, it’s linked to our product roadmap so once we ship that build, the status of the wish is automatically updated.

Once the idea has been approved, it’s available for all users to see. Users can vote up existing ideas that they feel would be useful.

We prioritize ideas based on a ranking system of 3 criteria, because we believe in scientific process / removing our bias from it. Even if we established said processes ourselves!  The 3 criteria are:

  1. # of votes from users. For every 5 votes, a feature request earns one point.
  2. Internal perceived value system / connectivity value which is added to the score.
  3. Effort to develop: as the development effort increase, it lowers the score of the wish.

When a feature’s score tallies to a total greater than 10, it is automatically added to the product roadmap. However, sometimes wishes are granted overnight and are added to the product roadmap very quickly when they align with the direction we want to take BIM Track. So dash of human bias is occasionally thrown in 😉.

Ready to submit your idea? Please contact your account manager if you are part of a paid hub for the wish list link. This is unfortunately not a feature we offer users on the free plan, as, let’s be honest: no one wants to buy the cow if they are getting the milk for free! Please keep the great ideas coming so together, we can make coordination easier.

Carl Veillette

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

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