11 BIM coordination Aha! moments

March 14, 2019 3 min. read

Do you remember your first BIM lightbulb moment? That thing you saw that made you had to have it?

Maybe it was the first time you saw your line was more than a line; it had properties and parameters. Or maybe it was the first time you realized you could model a wall in 2D and then see it in 3D with the doors and windows in the same spot. It’s probably different for everyone.

Here at BIM Track, we noticed our clients often had similar “AHA!” moments when it came to BIM coordination. We decided to collect the top 11 and present them here, à la Buzzfeed.

Here are the features that made our clients go  Wait, can you show me that again?”:

1. Clashes from Navisworks in Revit within seconds

BIM Track lets you communicate with maximum efficiency between your different authoring software - meaning you can retrieve your Navisworks clashes in Revit, instantly. 

2. Issue accountability

Each issue has an individual project member or team assigned for resolution. Any modifications, comments, and decisions on that issue are saved.

3. Donut charts

Mmmm donut. We don’t know what it is about donut charts, but everybody loves them.

BIM Track’s donut charts are a powerful tool for troubleshooting if you’re not meeting your coordination KPIs. You can drill down and gain more insight into why those issues are not being resolved.

4. Comment on issues from anywhere

Comment on an issue in your everyday software: whether that’s Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structures, Solibri, AutoCAD or just a web browser.

5. Open API

The open API revolution is here. Do what you want with your data with our API resources. Power BI? ✔️.  Hook it up to your custom software? ✔️. The only limit is your imagination.

6. Easy reporting

Flagging issues during a coordination meeting? Add a label onto those issues and you instantly create meeting notes from the live data. Better still, links in the PDF will take you straight to your issue in one click.

7. Scheduled reports

Generating coordination reports is easy with custom report templates. Automate it even further with coordination reports automatically emailed to selected recipients at pre-determined intervals.

8. Issues on the go

If you’re leveraging BIM Track’s web viewer, benefit from raising, accessing and commenting on issues straight in a browser. Handy not just for the BIM newbies, but also busy BIM managers on the go.

9. Room navigation

Our web viewer’s room navigation features are designed to be intuitive so you don’t need to be a BIM expert to view your models. Non-BIM savvy users will appreciate being able to easily validate the layout, accessories, equipment of rooms in our viewer.

10. 2D overlay aka hypermodeling

Take PDFs of your 2D drawings, and accurately position them on your 3D models. We call it hypermodeling: adding more context and information to your 3D models with 2D drawings.

11. 2D-3D issue conversion

When you’re viewing 2D files in the BIM Track viewer, you can raise issues and retrieve that issue in 3D in Navisworks. It's just one more way we make sure everyone is able to work together as a team 💪.

These are the 11 Aha! moments that caught our clients’ eyes. What kept them hooked? Find out in this testimonial video.

But don’t take their word for it; try it out yourself by signing up for free today. Unlimited projects. Unlimited models. We just cap you to 50 issues to start off with. You can also book a demo with one of our team who can answer all of your questions or jump onto our in-app / website chat.

We hope you discover new Aha! moments for yourself; feel free to share them online using #BIMTrackAha!

- Alexine Gordon-Stewart

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