Implementing New Technology on Complex Renovations with BIM Track:

Converting Old Retail Into New Medical

Having the best BIM tools in your arsenal is one step towards the solution: To derive real value, those tools must be able to interact with each other in meaningful ways.

This webinar focuses on the lessons learnt by Jacob D’Albora, while working on the 120,000 ft2 MUSC Children’s Health Ambulatory Campus and the challenges he faced. Carl Veillette and Kelly Cone will enage in a Q&A session with Jacob, after which they will launch a demonstration of how you can take your QA/QC errors through to resolution through the BIM Track / Verity integration.

In this free webinar you will learn how to:

  • Make your tech stack work for you, instead of the opposite.
  • Identify and track coordination issues in crowded spaces like medical facilities
  • Bringing disparate teams together with BIM Track and BIM 360
  • Better understand how to find and resolve mistakes early in the construction process when they are much less expensive to fix.

Carl Veillette

Carl Veillette
VP Product BIM Track

Carl Veillette is a BIM, VDC and CIM specialist, co-founder of Virtual construction and technology BIM One Inc. and co-founder of BIM Track®. He is actively involved in BuildingSMART Canada and CanBIM, and has previously been active in other organizations such as Groupe BIM Qc and ORUG. He is driven by simulation, technology, analysis, research and development about the built environment. He has spoken internationally at events such as Digital Construction Week in London, BIM World in Paris, CanBIM, ORUG & Groupe BIM QC.

Kelly Cone

Kelly Cone
VP of Industry Strategy at ClearEdge3D

Kelly is an internationally renowned speaker; throughout his career, he has presented at over 70 BIM and Reality Capture events worldwide, focusing on process innovation and integration. At ClearEdge3D, Kelly is defining product strategy, development priorities, go-to-market strategies, product pricing, and business models. He is responsible for shaping the features and functionality of the EdgeWise and Verity software applications to meet—and exceed—the needs of the AEC community.

Jacob D'Albora

Jacob D'Albora
Director of BIM-FM Services, Associate VP at McVeigh & Mangum Inc.

Jacob is an integral part of the team of McVeigh & Mangum Engineering (MME), a full service, multi-office engineering firm. Jacob has established himself as an industry leader in the BIM-FM arena and, through the use of BIM-FM, has provided the resources and training to facilities personnel necessary to facilitate the efficient execution of building maintenance duties and record keeping.