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BIM Track’s integration with the Solibri BCF Connector

January 29, 2019 3 min. read

You may have noticed a new icon in BIM Track’s integrations page: Solibri!

Figure 1.0 BIM Track’s integrations available in the web platform.

Solibri recently updated their BCF Connector, which allows BIM Track users to synchronize their issues. If you're already familiar with Solibri, you can jump ahead to get started using the integration right away.

Not as familiar with Solibri? Then this article is for you. We’ll share how our clients use Solibri, the benefits of Solibri's model checking, and how to get started using Solibri with BIM Track.

What is Solibri?

While clash detection is quite popular, model checking is less-known, particularly in North America. Model checking software like Solibri contains powerful tools for compliance control, code checking, and design review.

An introduction to model checking

Solibri Model Checker’s pre-programmed analytical rules are based on your model’s object information, in addition to being based on geometrical features. This allows for some distinct advantages over traditional clash detection, including:

  • Clash tests and rules are predefined for geometry checking, sparing the time of manual configuration. New analytical rules are regularly introduced and improved upon regularly.
  • Solibri automatically detects most false-positive clashes saving clean-up time.
  • Solibri automatically defines,  applies, and groups clashes by severity so users can prioritize resources.
  • Clearance and data checking for maintenance, operations and more.
  • Quantity takeoffs.
  • Fully openBIM-compliant, with their viewer powered by IFCs and issues fully trackable via the BCF or BIM Collaboration Format.

Why should we use BIM Track and Solibri?

BIM Track acts as the communication channel for publishing and sharing check results found by Solibri. Team members can comment back and forth on questions, design changes, change requests, clashes, and other issues. They can then assign a person to resolve the issues which triggers email notifications. BIM Track’s web viewer allows more stakeholders to be engaged in the design review process. It requires no software installation and is easy to use by less technical stakeholders like project managers and owners.

Solibri is a powerful model checking solution; however, it is unlikely that all teams from architecture to subcontractors are working in Solibri. BIM Track is a cross-software platform that allows users to track issues in their everyday software, including Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD-based software, Civil3D, Navisworks, Tekla Structures, Solibri, our online web platform and more.

The coordination workflow of Solibri and BIM Track. See how our clients use the two programs for issue tracking, communication, updates, and resolution.

Figure 2.0 The coordination workflow of Solibri and BIM Track for issue tracking, communication, updates, and resolution.

Ready to get started using Solibri and BIM Track?

The Solibri BCF Connector is an extension available with the Solibri Model Checker version 9.9 or later. We have written a handy guide that walks you through installing the BCF Connector and getting started synchronizing your BIM Track / Solibri issues here. If you have any issues getting started, feel free to reach out to our support team in our in-app chat or by emailing us.