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BIM Track May 2019 Release #2

May 29, 2019 1 min. read

Our second release this May brings you the ability to filter issues by description, a 2x increase to the speed of our clashes to issues functionality, and add-ins now updated for Autodesk 2020 products.

Filter issues by description

Looking for issues related to beams? You can now filter issues by description (including element category) in our platform. This adds further granularity to our search functionality and gives you more options to search for specific issues. Learn more in our help center article.

If you’re exporting your clashes from Navisworks to BIM Track using the clashes to issues functionality, you can check the ‘Quick Properties’ box in the menu shown below before publishing your chosen clashes - this will take information related to those elements and add them to the BIM Track issue description. You can configure quick properties in Navisworks’ software settings.

Autodesk 2020 products

Our products are now fully compatible with Autodesk’s new 2020 update, so you can continue using BIM Track without any problems if you have recently updated to Revit 2020, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, & Navisworks.

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