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BIMStreet’s back (alright!) at Autodesk University 2019

From November 19 to November 21, 2019

We are pumped to share that BIM Street’s back at Autodesk University 2019 and bigger than ever! If you visited #BIMStreet last year, thank you. We all had wonderful conversations. 

The zone was so popular 💁‍♂️💁‍♀️, the Autodesk powers-that-be even featured us on the front of their exhibitor prospectus this year! 

If you haven’t heard of #BIMstreet, it’s a group of like-minded software vendors who regularly started hanging out together at events. It evolved from joking around (cue longest-ever Twitter thread) into genuine friendships, knowledge-sharing, and even integrations

Who's on #BIMStreet2019?

We’re honored to have the following awesome companies on #BIMStreet2019, at the back of the exhibit hall (like the naughty kids on the school bus). Just for fun, we’ll do this in reverse alphabetic order:


What people love most about TestFit is that they make generative design practical. They also have one of the most entertaining founders on Twitter, @HarnessClifton, who is also the active voice of @Test_Fit_io.


Parallax Team

Master of content, customization, and occasional controversy Aaron Maller aka @twiceroadsfool, and the wizard of #Dynamo John-with-an-h Pierson aka @60secondrevit will be on hand to discuss your firm’s needs, when not blowing minds with already sold out AU classes like “Do you want to build an Add-in”.


Makes BIM Execution Planning simple and intuitive. If you haven’t checked out the new BIM Execution Planning tool from @clivejordan and Plannerly team, you definitely need to drop by the booth. They might also have some exciting announcements...



Rounding the corner of BIM Street, we have the practical VR whizkids at IrisVR. Prospect makes VR meetings & coordination simple with a host of integrations, including Navisworks 👀. Look out for @sscranton, @tnbeatty, @leah_kovach, and the rest of the team to put Prospect to the test live on the booth.



This 🔥 open cloud platform is definitely one of the most important to watch in the industry as an agent of positive change (ok, I’ll say it - disruptor!). The brainchild of ex-Autodeskers @ikeough & @anthonyhauck, HyparAEC is a powerful generative design tool that asks the deceptively simple question “What if you didn’t have to start every project from scratch?”.


Unable to keep up with the chaos of properties and rogue users inside your Revit projects? You need to look at this bold, “no-brainer” platform by iconicBIM, aka, the house that @parleyburnett built. With Guardian, automate your standards and manage user behaviors with a centralized, cloud-driven approach.


ClearEdge 3D

It has been very interesting to watch ClearEdge’s evolution, particularly since their acquisition by Topcon. Aside from the game-changing Edgewise and Verity (for modeling as-built elements from point clouds, and construction validation, retrospectively), be sure to check out recent acquisition Rithm for Navisworks, the floor flatness & levelness QA software, as well as the launch of Verity Photo



Chalkline is the developer of VisiSpecs, the next-generation application to visually document, coordinate, and verify the BIM models and project specs and other docs.  No changes are required in the BIM Model enabling immediate integration. Clients are reducing errors and omissions while saving time and money automating and coordinating the docs, BIM model, and Keynotes.


BIM Track

Last but not least, us! We’re a lightweight communication platform clients use in their everyday software like Revit, Navisworks, Tekla, AutoCAD ++ to solve the tough issues. We have a few big developments in the pipeline for the fall so stay tuned for more...


Where to find us?

BIM Street will be located on the booths shown below. Or just follow the noise on Twitter using #BIMstreet. We hope to see you there!  

- Alexine Gordon-Stewart