Why we joined BIM Track

December 20, 2018 4 min. read

Good people attract good people.” remarked one of my closest friends on my wedding day, as we observed friends from all over getting along fabulously. While undeniably true, we here at BIM Track like to think the same can be said of good products.

It’s a combination of both that attracted members of our team who were already in the AEC industry. If you’re looking for a new role in 2019 (or you’re just curious) read on to find out why Christian Proulx, John Barkwell, and myself made the leap.

Christian Proulx Christian Proulx VP Sales & Marketing Twitter

“Our clients love the story about how BIM Track was created by our co-founder Carl Veillette on a real project that our team of specialists at BIM One was hired to complete. The thing is, that’s my story too.

I was the client whose project BIM Track was created for; Aéroport de Québec. I spent about 9 great years there, working my way up from a Special Projects Analyst to Senior Project Manager. I understand the pain project managers face and that’s what drew me to BIM Track.

I’m also passionate about what I do. The enthusiasm with which the co-founders Carl Veillette and Jimmy Plante had built the company was very attractive. Since joining the team 4 years ago, I am proud of what we have built: not just the product, but the team and the culture. We work hard, we play hard, and we respect each other.”

John Barkwell John Barkwell Director of Business Development - USA Twitter

“I have spent my career in the design and construction space helping the AEC industry through many technology evolutions; starting with the traditional CAD migration then to BIM while working at Autodesk, followed by Aconex. I witnessed the challenges in design and constructability coordination meetings and heard about a solution that was solving these problems. I was so impressed and excited about how BIM Track could help the industry that I decided to join the team to help spread the good word that there is a better way to manage the issue coordination process.

I have been onboard the team for just over a year and everyone I have spoken to about BIM Track is absolutely blown by how it has improved their workflow. There truly is a better way!”

Alexine Gordon-Stewart Alexine Gordon-Stewart Marketing Director Twitter

“I remember coming back from maternity leave to the usual AEC industry events and hearing great buzz about this new company BIM Track. I had known Carl Veillette, the #BIMbrains behind the company, for a few years and was impressed at what he had built.

As I travelled to more events, I found myself sharing planes, trains, automobiles, and even morning runs with the team. We often discussed marketing ideas & strategies that worked for each of us. I was struck by both the proactive and instantly reactive attitude they had towards their clients & prospects (and the tools they used to do it!). What cinched joining the BIM Track team for me though, was the concept of simple, cross-platform communication. It brought what I saw as a major challenge in the industry and my marketing background into a full circle. I particularly love shaping the voice of our brand and sharing our passion with the world. Here’s to 2019!”

If you’re interested in helping reshape the construction industry, we have many exciting opportunities for you to join the team at BIM Track. We are expanding our Sales and Technical team in the US and are looking for passionate professionals that want to be part of this incredible opportunity. Check out our Careers Page to learn more!


- Alexine Gordon-Stewart

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