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The story of how the BIM Track logo came to be

December 11, 2020 3 min. read

A tale of OpenBIM, project consulting, and Poseidon’s trident...

Ever wondered how exactly our distinctive red, blue, and purple trident came to be BIM Track’s much-loved logo?

Read on to discover the story behind the BIM Track logo, from OpenBIM to project consulting, as well as some of the more entertaining myths behind the BIM Track trident! 

Is it a crown? 👑

Some people see a crown. And they’re right - use BIM Track and you’ll be a BIM Coordination King! (or Queen 💁‍♀️)

Vintage BIM Track “coordination king” promo circa 2017

No, it’s definitely a Trident 🔱

Others have called a striking similarity between the BIM Track logo and Poseidon’s Trident. Perhaps BIM Track could make you a BIM coordination god! 

Or maybe a Maserati trident? 🏎️

Now we’re talking. And with BIM Track’s coordination automation features, you can coordinate those projects as fast as a Maserati! (Carl Veillette, we’d love to see your BIM Track license plate on one of these!). 

It reminds me of the Ukrainian flag 🚩

We heard this one a lot at AU 2019, actually. While there’s definitely some resemblance between the BIM Track trident and the Ukrainian coat of arms, we’re proudly a Canadian company! Don’t believe us? Just check out our theme at last year’s AU Lumberjack ‘n Jill party 😉 

Ok but seriously…here’s where it came from. 👇

A mission to connect software 🔌

BIM Track’s co-founders Jimmy Plante and Carl Veillette have always been big fans of open workflows, and OpenBIM

Our mission:
To help the construction industry thrive by enabling all teams to communicate effortlessly, without barriers.

Back in 2015, sharing BCF files was a popular but painstakingly manual way to exchange issues between different types of software. BIM Track’s founders recognized a need in the industry for a better BIM collaboration process, and set about building a platform that would connect all kinds of CAD/ BIM software together to form a more efficient, collaborative process for tracking issues. 

“When we came across Building Smart in its first years in the industry, we loved their mission: to make software talk to each other! Some of the early experimentation was with IFC, but when I came across the BCF format, it was kind of a “wow!” moment. This was the foundation on which we built BIM Track.”

Carl VeilletteCarl Veillette
Co-Founder and VP Product.

BIM Track’s beginnings as a web-based BCF management platform definitely inspired our logo: 

The BCF is the foundation on which BIM Track is built, and connects different kinds of software for a more efficient and collaborative coordination process. 

For unto us a brand is born 🌟

You might’ve already heard the story, but the BIM Track platform was born out of the expertise of our parent company, BIM OneBack in 2015, BIM One’s consulting team was involved in the Québec City airport extension, and looking for an issue tracking platform to support the project. 

Finding nothing on the market that met their requirements, they decided to take the leap and create their own. These were the humble beginnings of BIM Track. The angular building shapes from BIM One’s logo carved out those distinctive points on BIM Track’s trident logo. We’re all part of the same company, and this alignment helps us make sure we stay grounded with real-life project expertise. 

BIM Track is grounded in the real-life project consulting expertise of its parent company BIMOne.

When co-founders Carl and Jimmy saw a design proposal that merged elements of both the BCF and BIM One logos, they knew it was exactly right. It was a mix of the values that are so important to BIM Track: OpenBIM’s mission to connect software and BIM One’s mission to empower project coordinators with better BIM practices. 

BIM Track Logo
The BIM Track logo is born! 🌟

And so concludes the tale of BIM Track’s logo, from OpenBIM to project consulting, and beyond. Thanks for reading, and let us know: what do YOU think the BIM Track logo looks like?

Happy holidays to all, from the BIM Track team! 🎄

Louisa Fletcher

Content Manager