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Meet the Team! Véronique Larocque, Technical Writer

December 15, 2022 3 min. read

When you need to look up appropriate documentation for BIM Track, that's where Véronique Larocque, Technical Writer, has got your back.

“I’m responsible for creating, updating, and managing all of BIM Track’s technical documentation, starting with the Help Center, and including all in-app communications or help: guided tours, announcements, and a bunch of other things most users don’t know they need until they need them.”

Working behind the scenes, Véronique has a unique insight into what works for the user experience. “I work in the background, but I’m very much part of the customer-facing team. I see all the client questions that come in, and I see the way the support team resolves them. Then I document everything, so that other users can find the same information if they’re having a similar issue.”

Veronique started at BIM Track in March 2020, in the first week that Canada declared emergency measures for the pandemic. As such, she began her tenure working remotely, an arrangement she continues to enjoy to this day to her joy. 

“Want to know what’s so great about working hybrid, but mostly from home? Basically everything!” As a writer, her work requires a certain level of isolation and calm, so nothing is better than the comfort of home, which is an arrangement made possible because of the culture of trust fostered at BIM Track. “Plus Gandalf (my dog) reminds me when I need to take breaks.”

On a typical day, Véronique will document new features from the development team, always with a goal of improving the self-service offerings for clients. As of the second half of 2022, she also helps to develop the user community, and prepares material for the recently-released BIM Track Academy. 

“I’m really proud of my work on the BIM Track Community. We built it so that users could connect with each other, and trade ideas and practices for how they use the platform. But my role is to ensure users have a well-structured environment to share their thoughts, so I make sure topics are properly labeled and discussions stay relevant.”

For Véronique, joining the company came with a big learning curve. “I got my degree in Linguistics from Laval University, and had never worked in construction or engineering. So when they gave me my first BIM software integration to document, it was nerve-racking. But if you have a good learning structure, like we do here, technical terms are easy to pick up. And I know I’m not the only one who’s joined the company from outside the software and construction industries.”

As for the future, Véronique hopes to guide others as she has been guided. “I look forward to the day that I can mentor someone, and pass on the lessons I’ve learned. Because in the end, that’s the soul of what we do as part of the construction industry: we create so that those who come after us can benefit from it.”

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