Meet the Team! Eric Marrapodi, Regional Sales Manager

May 02, 2022 3 min. read

Passion is everything for Eric Marrapodi, Regional Sales Manager. Whether it’s passion for the future, for learning, or for physical expression, Eric knows that a life lived passionately is a life worth living.

“I once helped win a contract for BIM Track after dancing with a client,” he boasts with a big, genuine smile.

“I was having a good time and enjoying the moment, and I guess I made an impression because she signed with us the very next day. She said our gang at BIM Track was really cool and so she wanted to buy from us over our competitor!”

“I don’t win all my contracts by dancing,” Eric is quick to add, “but socializing with clients is part of my life at BIM Track!”

How did Eric go from being a student in Quebec City to a debonair BIM Track agent whose life could almost be inspiration for spicy telenovelas?

His first step was graduating from Laval University with a bachelors in administration. “Getting my degree was one of my life’s proudest moments,” Eric says. “Growing up I had a lot of difficulty with French… syntax, grammar, it’s not an easy language even for a native speaker like me. So when I got my bachelor’s degree, it felt amazing because I had struggled and fought so hard to achieve it.”

Eric really enjoys more physical ways to appreciate life. “I love latin dance. And I play a lot of sports, especially football.” What lessons can these activities teach for business? “When you dance with a partner you learn to build a connection with them; knowing how to build personal relationships is vital. And playing football requires having a solid sense of teamwork; this is important for connecting with other members of the company, so that we can align toward a common goal.

“Ultimately these activities have taught me that real leaders can both lead and follow. And I see that kind of leadership here at BIM Track.”

So how did Eric join BIM Track? “Near the end of my studies I was introduced to Andre Couture, who is a big name in Quebec in the corporate investment scene. He was the first investor of BIM One when the company first started, so I knew then and there that if he believed in the company, it would grow to do great things.”

What is your name and job title?

Eric Marrapodi, Regional Sales Manager for France, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil and the province of Quebec.

What motivates you to work at BIM Track?

I’m always learning something new here, with people who genuinely care about better buildings. As long as I keep learning, I will always find the energy to work with my colleagues at this company. Also, my core values include being proactive, finding solutions, helping others, and always moving forward.

What does your average day look like?

It’s impossible to answer because every day is different for me and I don’t really have a routine. Sometimes I’m researching leads, sometimes I’m making cold calls, sometimes I’m managing client relationships… In truth I don’t like to prepare very much, I like being in the middle of the action, being spontaneous, and flying by the seat of my pants. What I like best about my work is adapting to the next challenge as it comes, and no matter what I always give it my 100%.

Alessandro Masi

Content Creator

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