Vrex by Vixel is a virtual reality platform that allows users to host meetings in VR inside their 3D models, and bring in key stakeholders into the coordination process via remote design review and coordination meetings. BIM Track is an issue-tracking communication tool for adding accountability, transparency and ease to the BIM coordination process. 

We’re excited to share the Vrex + BIM Track integration with you in this webinar, which covers:  

  • How to set up a workflow to exchange models and sync issues between BIM Track and Vrex to ensure up-to-date information
  • Access BIM Track issues in VR and teleport directly to the issue location 
  • How to create and markup issues, add comments, views, change status or re-assign issues live during the VR session
  • How users can access issues raised or reviewed in VR in authoring software through BIM Track’s integration ecosystem for fast resolution

Rune Vandli

Co-founder/Product Manager at Vrex

Philippe Acas

Chief Business Officer at Vixel

Brodi L. Scott

Product Expert

Alexine Gordon-Stewart

Marketing Director