Cintoo Cloud is the leading platform for managing laser scans in the cloud. It allows users to easily detect issues found in point clouds & when comparing laser scans with the BIM model during QA/QC. BIM Track is a communication tool for adding accountability, transparency, and ease to the BIM coordination process. 

We’re excited to share the Cintoo Cloud + BIM Track integration with you in this webinar, which covers:  

  • How you can make your laser scans web and BIM compatible using Cintoo Cloud’s unique point cloud-to-mesh technology
  • How to use Cintoo Cloud’s Scan & BIM comparison tools to visually detect and document issues between the as-built and the BIM model
  • A walkthrough of BIM Track and Cintoo Cloud interoperability for your QA/QC workflows


Dominique Pouliquen

CEO of Cintoo US Inc.

Rob Rasnic

Director of Sales at Cintoo