Webinar: Diving into the BIM Collaboration Format

Tracking issues with the power of OpenBIM

How can issue tracking capitalize on openBIM methodologies for easier cross-platform communication? Join our CTIO Carl Veillette as he delves into the power of the BIM Collaboration Format (or BCF).

This educational webinar will cover:

  • What is the BCF
  • When and why the BCF is used
  • Workflows for file-based BCF exchanges including Revit + BCFier, Tekla BIMsight, ArchiCAD and Solibri model checker.
  • Cloud-based BCF exchange with BIM Track

Carl Veillette

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Carl Veillette is a BIM, VDC and CIM specialist, co-founder of Virtual construction and technology BIM One Inc. and co-founder of BIM Track®. He is involved in BuildingSMART Canada, CanBIM , and was involved in other organisations like Groupe BIM Qc and ORUG. He is driven by simulation, technology, analysis, research and development about the built environment.