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We had such a great time at the 2020 panel that we went back in 2021 with more insider tips and tricks - this time all about collaboration.

We couldn't wait to hear from industry-leading BIM experts and tech gurus as they share their thoughts on the evolution from Coordination to Collaboration, and shared practical insights that will help you improve your own workflow.

What's your secret sauce vol 2: Collaboration for the win!

This 60-minute panel discussion covered:

  • Understanding the benefit of genuine collaboration over mandated coordination
  • What is the downside of poor communication & coordination, and what will it cost a project?
  • Learn from experts' past experiences about what not to do on your next project
  • Tips and tricks to improve your collaboration workflow

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Carl Storms

Technical Solutions Lead at BIM Track


Aaron Maller

Director, Parallax Team

Alice Leung

Investment Associate, Brick & Mortar Ventures

Katelyn Sanchez

Director, Parallax Team

Mirra Lee Maheden

BIM, VDC & DPD Enabler, MLC Digital Solutions Inc

Scott Chatterton

BIM Solutions Director, BIM One

Tom Maleski

Solutions Engineer, Newforma