Feature Friday with BIM Track, A Fireside chat Tips & Tricks for BIM Track Issues & S’more

Sure, we’ve designed BIM Track for BIM Coordination, and our clients love using it during the pre-construction phase for BIM coordination. But did you know that many people are leveraging the platform for many other uses?

This session will highlight some of the innovative and unusual ways BIM Track clients are using the platform. From health and safety to home renovations, design review and task management, Submittals, and Contract management. The list goes on and on with many different things you can do with an issue-tracking platform like BIM Track. And most with just some minor tweaks to your typical issue-based workflow.

Thanks for taking the time to explore these weird and wonderful applications of BIM Track with us during this session.

Areas we will be covering:

  • BIM Track issues best practices
  • Using BIM Track for task management
  • Project management with issues
  • S’more out-of-the-box uses for BIM Track “Issues”

Carl Storms

Technical Solutions Lead at BIM Track

Ahmed El Kettani

International Account Executive at BIM Track

Luc Nugent

Associate at IDEA Inc.