BIM Track is a great platform for issue management, but if you think outside the “issue” box you will find it is effective for task-based project management workflows too.

Join Carl Storms from BIM Track April 30th at 11am EST  as he shares how some small tweaks to your normal issue-based workflow can get you into the task management game. 

You can expect practical tips for project managers and teams figuring out working remotely, as well as live walkthroughs of task-based workflows. You will learn: 

  • A design review workflow that will allow designers to get tasks directly in their BIM authoring platform of choice
  • How project managers can use BIM Track to check-in on project progress, and give comments and suggestions using the web app from anywhere they have internet access. 
  • How to use the metrics and reporting features within BIM Track to stay on top of your to-do list (tasks)


Carl Storms

Technical Solutions Lead at BIM Track