The unknown is hard for us all. If we can make one thing easier for you, we’d like to. We know quite a few teams are reevaluating their coordination process in the face of these new challenges. Join the BIM Track team as we have an informal chat around managing coordination remotely.

Carl Veillette, co-founder and VP of Product & John Barkwell, director of business development USA will talk through some of the pain points teams are experiencing right now. We’ll share some ways of managing your coordination remotely while still leveraging your existing coordination tech stack inc. Revit, Navisworks, and Tekla Structures.

We’ll cover:

  • A brief update from our team (support, product development)
  • Internal coordination support is now as relevant as multi-disciplinary coordination 
  • How to manage coordination remotely using your normal coordination tech stack. 
  • Straightforward deployment of BIM Track inc setup, kickoff and training. 
  • What we are doing to support you in this crisis


Carl Veillette

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer