NEXT-BIM is an AR platform with uses for all project phases - from design to construction to ongoing maintenance. Users can immerse themselves in the 3D model, carry out design reviews at a reduced scale in “tabletop” mode, and overlay models on-site at 1:1 scale.

NEXT-BIM’s BCF compatibility makes it easy to raise, track and resolve issues in AR, whether you’re in design phase coordination or on-site. Since NEXT-BIM is fully openBIM compliant, you can easily share issues between BIM Track and NEXT-BIM’s platform, and resolve them back in the authoring software including Revit, AutoCAD and Tekla Structures.


Watch BIM Track and NEXT-BIM webinar: Augmented Reality Solutions for Better Coordination


  • Automatic superimposition of the model onto reality in 1:1 scale with “snap to walls”
  • Mask and unmask BIM objects while visualizing mixed-reality
  • Log issues in models while in immersive AR mode and export as BCFs 
  • Import BCF issue files into BIM Track, allowing the whole team to access them and collaborate in real-time