Coordination between the office and the field is tricky.

With the BIM Track Mobile application, your office and on-job site teams can share critical information, manage tasks, and assign and monitor action items and questions.

Our direct and simple-to-use application works on any iOS or Android mobile phone even when those in the field find themselves to be offline.

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Here’s how BIM Track Mobile can improve your coordination

Unified Communication Channel

By combining BIM Track with the BIM Track Mobile companion app, you get a unified communication channel that bridges the gap between the field and the office. This greatly reduces wasted hours searching for information scattered between emails, chat tools, texts, and devices. No more headaches!

Easy-to-Use Interface

BIM Track Mobile has a direct, streamlined, and effective interface designed with job-site conditions in mind. With a tap of the finger, construction-site teams can raise issues, monitor tasks, and keep everyone in the loop easily.

Offline functionality

Has offline functionality for when cell phone or wi-fi reception is lacking, and can update the BIM Track web-based platform once internet connection is reestablished.

Track Tasks

  • Provides an effective way for all stakeholders to get easily get feedback, keeping the project on track
  • Sends updates to your BIM Track projects as challenges arise
  • Provides a clear way to document “as built” conditions to make the models and drawing updates easy
  • Gives the foreman and others in the field an easy tool to track work assignments and relay answers to the BIM or VDC office
  • Track deficiencies, report on them, and make sure they are fixed
  • Allows site workers to view and log their daily tasks, helping them keep track of their assignments so that nothing falls through the cracks

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