Retrieve Navisworks clashes in Revit

Every BIM Track user remembers the first time they retrieved their Navisworks clashes in Revit. BIM Track’s cloud-based communication platform will save your team time and money on coordination.

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Stay in your BIM software

Stay in your day-to-day software, whether that’s Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Tekla Structures, Civil3D or Solibri. No model sharing required! BIM Track lets you communicate with teams working in other programs. Knock down those silos; we dare you.

Laser-focused on communication

Questions? Comments? Clashes? Communicate back and forth on the issues that matter. We give you the tools to solve problems on the fly. We’re 100% focused on issue tracking to give your project ultimate accountability and transparency.

Instant reporting

Make coordination meetings productive again. Generate and schedule coordination reports with predefined templates for automatic distribution. Track performance, gain insights, and meet your KPIs with BIM Track’s data-driven metrics. Take it to the next level with our API.

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