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We know what you need because we are BIM specialists. BIM Track was developed on a real project because nothing on the market gave us the accountability we needed for coordination resolution.

BIM Track doesn’t disrupt your current model management workflow. It’s not another window. It’s not another complex deployment.

BIM Track is easy to integrate into your current coordination workflow. It’s easy to for teams of all levels of BIM expertise to use. And it makes it easy to track where your issues are at.

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BIM Track gives you accountability on coordination issues and the ability to track resolution performance through KPIs. BIM Track also offers sophisticated data analytics and reporting.
BIM Track facilitates communication with all team members and stakeholders. Your teams can access the same, synchronized data directly in your favorite modeling/clash detection software, like Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Solibri or Tekla Structures, or in the web platform.
And unlike other solutions, we have always been 100% focused on issue tracking & communication. And it shows in our software. Issues are lightweight and can be transposed in any version of the models, so you won’t get slowed down on large projects.

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