The Contech Crew Podcast #165: with Alexine Gordon Stewart

April 19, 2019 1 min. read

We were excited to have none other than our marketing director Alexine Gordon-Stewart as the featured guest on the Contech Crew Podcast’s 165th weekly episode on April 19th, with Buck Davis, co-founder at BIMBOX LLC and JBKnowledge CEO and show host James Benham.

The trio sat down and chatted about the BIM industry including the importance of integrations, industry events, and why marketing matters, before delving into current news, like the $600 million Miami transit-oriented project, the devastating Notre Dame fire and using the cathedral’s laser scans to rebuild it, and Walmart employing bots to clean floors. James also has a little fun as they make a detour into Alexine’s background in equine dentistry.

You can access the whole version of the podcast on the JBKnowledge website.