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Latest BIM Track release: Project settings

April 02, 2018 1 min. read

We have some exciting new features released over the weekend for project settings. I’m happy to introduce:

Project templates

There can be a lot of detail saved within a project’s settings. To avoid the tedium of recreating these settings on each new project, you can now export a project’s settings for use on new projects. All issue attributes, including custom options, can be assigned to a project template. Save time and make sure you don’t miss any details by using project templates.

Categories as a project setting

On the web viewer, there is already a notion of categories by element type. Users can define the color, visibility & transparency of a category. It is now possible to assign these settings on the entire project. This gives consistent views across teams (helpful for screenshots etc.) and is helpful for comparative visualization. There is still an option for individual users to override these settings on the web viewer, should they need to.

Learn how to set up categories as a project setting.

If you have any questions on these new features, or any existing ones, please reach out to our support team online or in the chat portion of the BIM Track platform.