It’s BIM Track’s 2nd birthday

April 04, 2018 2 min. read

Did you know?  Its’ almost 2 years to the day since BIM Track 1.0 was launched. I want to publicly thank the BIM Track team for all of their hard work, both visible and behind-the-scenes. We have some of the friendliest, most hardworking and responsive people in the business, and it’s an honor to work with them.  

It’s been an exciting couple of years. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

I also want to share a few important pieces of news with you:

In honour of our anniversary, you may have noticed we have a brand new website. This will make it easier to find the info you need & explain to other project stakeholders what the benefits of BIM Track are.

You may have noticed we are churning out releases every few weeks. The hotly anticipated release of BIM Track Premium is coming in May. New features will include:

  • Scheduled model upload
  • Publish model directly from Revit
  • 3D model & drawing (2D plan) versioning
  • Hypermodeling (overlay 2D plans & 3D models in web viewer)
  • Project dashboard
  • Scheduled coordination reports

We are introducing some new pricing features and plans that may better suit your needs. Check them out to find the perfect one for your unique requirements.

It’s been an exciting two years and the next two look even more promising. My co-founder Carl Veillette has a very ambitious roadmap for BIM Track. If you’re not already a client, we hope you will join us soon to enjoy all that BIM Track has to offer. If you are a client, thank you very much & we hope you continue to enjoy the journey.