October 28, 2015

First BIM Track BETA testers group

On october 9th, BIM Track's team opened the platform to the first 50 BETA testers.

Here are the features available in BIM Track version 0.2:



  • Import / Export BCF files
  • Manage issues
    • Create, update, delete
    • Comments
    • Attachments
  • Merge issues
  • Quick access (Filter, sort and search)
  • Issue display mode (List, thumbnails, hybrid)
  • Multi-edit issues


  • Manage projects
    • Create, update, delete
    • Zone, phase and default due date
  • Manage users
    • Add or delete users
    • Assign role


  • Complete your profile
  • Change your password
  • Control your notifications

BIM Track issues listingBIM Track - Issues


Import configurationBIM Track - Import BCF


Issues filter and sortingBIM Track - Filters & Sorting


BIM Track project settingsBIM Track - Project / Settings


BIM Track users managementBIM Track - Project /and users management


BIM Track single issue
BIM Track - Issue


ADDINS (Navisworks & Revit)

  • Login to BIM Track and load your projects
  • List of Issues
  • View issue in your model
  • Edit your issue (Web)

BIM Track Navisworks and Revit addin
BIM Track - Navisworks & Revit Addin

Stay tuned! As the BIM Track's development is progressing, more awesome features will be released!

If you are interested to test the platform please subscribe here: BIM Track.