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Carl Storms joins BIM Track

January 20, 2020 14 min. read

Some of you may have guessed by Carl Storms’ teasing post last weekend; we can indeed confirm @theBIMsider is off to newer pastures after an impressive 7 years at IMAGINiT Technologies.

We’re thrilled to announce Carl Storms is joining the BIM Track team as our Technical Solutions Lead. We sat down with Carl to get his feelings on the brand-new role, as well as introduce him to you #BIMTrackers who may not have met this prolific speaker

Soooooo, how’re you feeling about the new role?

Very excited! I’m looking forward to this new challenge and the next chapter in my life. I’ve known many people on the BIM Track team for years, and it’s going to be great. 

The idea behind my new role is really to spread the good BIM Track word. I’m looking forward to really getting to know our users, understanding their needs and hopefully helping them!

When I joined IMAGINiT, I made the jump from industry to touching a bit of everything (architecture, construction) and really doing something new every day. This is a continuation of that journey: what I really like doing is helping solve people’s problems. I do this by networking, speaking with people, attending events, social media, etc. This really is a perfect fit to achieve those goals and honestly, a bit of a dream job! Granted, this is my first day...

What attracted you to the product BIM Track itself?

I am a big fan of BIM Track and its possibilities. When people think of issues, they think of bad things. But there’s so much you can do with issues and issue tracking, it’s kind of mind-blowing. You can align your work for the week in this software. When you think of it as a communication tool, it really opens up the possibilities. 

What’s your biggest achievement to date:
personal or professional?

Obviously, getting married to my lovely wife. Being selected to speak at all 4 BILTs in one year (2018) was a goal that I was pretty stoked about achieving too. 

As a well-known speaker, what advice would you give someone wanting to get started speaking at events?

Great question! Here are my top tips to being selected as a BIM speaker:

  • If you want to be a speaker, the key is to actually try! 
  • Speaking at user groups is a good place to start.
  • If you’re nervous about speaking, make sure your chosen topic is something you really know well. This way you can tell a story like you’re speaking to friends. People pick up on that and feel a lot more comfortable. 

By the way, I still get very nervous before speaking at events: it keeps you honest and it keeps you prepared. 

Really, the most important advice is: JUST DO IT.

Carl Storms
Technical Sales Lead at BIM Track

  • Fun fact

    Used to make my own hockey gear

  • Industry experience

    22 years

  • Company experience

    1 hour

  • Spirit animal


Aside from his BIM Track evangelism, Carl will continue his podcasting, starting the new year co-hosting BIMThoughts with Bill Debevc, and working on new episodes of the Simply Complex Podcast and BluePrints

And we’re still good friends with the folks over at IMAGINiT - stay tuned for more on their integration of Clarity and BIM Track! 

I felt that Carl [Storms] was a BIMTracker at heart from the moment I met him. It’s exciting for us now to work with him and keep changing the industry by adopting better project practices.

Christian ProulxChristian Proulx
Vice-President Sales & Marketing