BIM Track June 2019 Release

June 25, 2019 2 min. read

Our newest release for June 2019 features the ability to pinpoint the location of an issue in Revit, Navisworks and our web viewer, including on 2D views and 3D models.

Check out this short video introduction from our Product Expert Brodi Scott:

Pinpoint issue location

You can now localize issues on your models and 2D sheet views in Revit, Navisworks, and the web viewer. While it may seem similar to adding a view, pinpoints allow you to create an issue that displays as a pinpoint. Pinpoint issue location is great for users that want an easier way to raise an issue which doesn’t originate from a clash.

Figure 1.0. Pinpointing an issue location in Navisworks.

If you’re not familiar with pinpoints, they function a bit like stamps; at a glance, you can see where issues are occurring in your models and sheets. They can be colored based on your chosen issue attribute.

So what can I use pinpoint issue locations for?
Basically, any issue that is location-based. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pinpointing site defects on PDF sheets
  • Identifying clashes in the model based on a visual walkthrough
  • Pinpoint the location of missing elements/equipment
  • Pinpoint a room size that does not comply with the architect’s requirements
  • Pinpoint the location of missing expansion join in a concrete wall

For Revit and Navisworks, check out our help article for publishing an issue from a location marker.

For BIM Track’s web viewer, please consult our help article for publishing an issue from a location marker.

Bringing teams together

Figure 2.0 Creating issues in 2D and retrieving them in Revit

With BIM Track’s 2D / 3D smart conversion workflow (hypermodeling), these pinpoints are visible to the whole team. So a project manager can raise an issue in 2D in the web and a BIM modeler can access it in 3D in Revit. This is a key feature to enable collaboration on projects and unify the workflows of all technical levels because we want everyone engaged in that coordination.