BIM Track July 2019 Release

July 08, 2019 2 min. read

BIM Track’s July 2019 brings a much-requested improvement to the Navisworks View to Issue functionality. 

Check out this brief introduction from product expert Brodi Scott:

Improvements to saved viewpoints:

It’s common for teams to quickly Save Viewpoints in Navisworks during coordination meetings or while they’re working offline. Afterward, you can create BIM Track issues from Saved Views directly in Navisworks. 

Given the popularity of saved viewpoints, we’ve given you more options. If you have a saved viewpoint that has been shared to BIM Track as an issue, you can now add changes to that viewpoint in Navisworks, such as marking up the image, annotating it, adding comments, etc. and re-publish it to BIM Track. Those changes will then be updated in the existing BIM Track issue. 

Figure 1.0 Information contained within Navisworks’ Saved Viewpoints can now be updated automatically in BIM Track. 

For those of you wondering what goes where i.e if I make a comment while in Navisworks and add markup text on the model where does that show up in BIM Track? Here’s a little chart to make it simple: 


BIM Track

Navisworks comment Issue comment
Markup text on image Issue image + description
Redlining Issue image


To activate this feature, simply select the appropriate checkboxes when creating your issues from existing views. 

Figure 2.0 The BIM Track View to Issues dialog box in Navisworks.

When would you use saved viewpoints?

  • Rapidly save issues in meetings that are run in Navisworks ( instead of all parties working in BIM Track).
  • When working offline.
  • Working with teams not using BIM Track yet.
  • When doing visual walkthrough inspections and manual clash detection.

For more information, please consult our full help center article. We’re always improving the interaction between BIM Track, Navisworks, Revit and our other integrations. Stay tuned to learn about upcoming releases by signing up to our newsletter, and visit our resources for Navisworks