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BIM Track and IBI Group CanBIM Awards 2019 nomination

September 18, 2019 3 min. read

September 18th 2019 - Lévis, Canada - As nominees for CanBIM’s Technology Award hosted, BIM Track is proud to showcase IBI Group’s BIMbot / BIM Track integration  - a custom Slackbot developed by IBI Group to transfer issue data seamlessly from BIM Track to Slack, where users can comment back and forth on issues, query results, generate reports and more.

Members are able to receive issue information swiftly and respond to it almost immediately in their day-to-day work environment. Any time a new comment was made, or an issue was assigned, team members would receive notifications in Slack instead of email - by clicking on those notifications they were taken directly to the issue or comment in their preferred software, instead of having to spend time manually navigating to the software and the issue itself. 

Figure 1.0 Example of a BIM Track issue (in this case a clash) in IBI Group’s project Slack.

Managers were able to quickly generate custom reports instantly via Slack, by issuing very simple commands. They didn't need to navigate out of their Slack workspace unless they decided to, and could quickly monitor the progress of the project. This could also be easily done on the go using their cell phones. 

Below is an example of a simple command, that in this case generates a clash report for any outstanding clashes in the architectural model. 

Figure 2.0 Inputting a coordination report command in Slack using IBI Group’s BIMbot.

 And voila!

Figure 3.0 In seconds, a conflict report is generated and added to the BIMbot Slack channel. 

These incremental efficiencies resulted in overall substantial time savings over the duration of the project. It also meant that issues were resolved on time, and before teams got on site where rework would be prohibitively expensive. Slack is the workplace of remote and inter-office teams, and users are actively in it during their workday. This in turn meant improved and consistent access to coordination issues for the teams both in the workplace and on the go. 

The CanBIM Awards 

The Technology award is one of 8 categories consisting of the CanBIM Innovation Spotlight Awards - showcasing companies and professionals in AEC that are advancing the industry with innovative practices and technologies. 

The 8 categories include six awards for companies and teams

  • Academic 
  • Technology - In house (we’ll be here) 
  • Technology - Commercial
  • General contractors 
  • Design and engineering 
  • General trades 

And 2 awards for individual achievement

  • Professional achievement 
  • Volunteer of the year 

On behalf of ourselves and IBI Group, we’d like to wish all the submittals the best of luck in the awards. Check out the innovative submissions

The CanBIM awards evening will take place on September 25th at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, during CanBIM’s biggest event of the year - CanBIM Toronto, which runs from September 25th - 26th. BIM Track will be exhibiting at CanBIM Toronto along on Booth 3, on September 26th at the Technology exhibition, where Carl, Christian and Eric will be on hand on the BIM Track booth to learn more about your latest projects.