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Issue tracking directly in Navisworks & Revit

Learning how to navigate and use another BIM software is, let’s be honest, a total pain. What if you could track and respond to your issues directly inside of Navisworks & Revit? Optimize your design and constructability communication with BIM Track. 

Études de cas

Québec City Airport (YQB)

This case study focuses on the application of BCF and IFC for BIM coordination for the $227M extension of the Québec city Jean-Lessage international airport terminal spanning 183m north of the existing building.

Études de cas

Amberg Tunnelbana

See for yourself how Amberg Engineering streamlined their design coordination phase in the expansion of Stockholm’s Tunnelbana metro system with BIM Track.


Introduction to BIM Coordination

Join our CTIO Carl Veillette as he discusses what contributes to issues on construction projects, how to plan for successful BIM coordination & what types of tools can be used.