How to Improve Your Project’s Coordination with Issue Tracking

You’re invited to join Carl Veillette, BIM coordination expert & openBIM proponent, as he explores your current coordination workflow: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Carl will share typical issues and problems encountered during coordination and discuss the benefits of cloud-based issue tracking. Finally, Carl will jump into Navisworks and Revit to show how you can track your issues through to resolution in a much more efficient manner.

During this Webinar, you will learn:

  • Traditional coordination workflow (inc. clash detection) & its challenges 
  • Typical issues/problems and / or communication encountered during design-and construction-phase coordination 
  • The benefits of cloud-based issue tracking 
  • How to solve these issues in your everyday BIM software  

Carl Veillette
VP Product BIM Track

Carl Veillette is a BIM, VDC and CIM specialist, co-founder of Virtual construction and technology BIM One Inc. and co-founder of BIM Track®. He is actively involved in BuildingSMART Canada and CanBIM, and has previously been active in other organizations such as Groupe BIM Qc and ORUG. He is driven by simulation, technology, analysis, research and development about the built environment. His international experience includes Canada and Romania. He has spoken internationally at events such as Digital Construction Week in London, BIM World in Paris, CanBIM, ORUG & Groupe BIM QC.  

During his career in the design and construction industry, he has developed a multi-sector and multi-disciplinary experience. He has worked for manufacturers, general contractors, engineering firms and architecture firms. These experiences led him to develop the skills related to an ecosystem of tools and to understand their holistic integration.  

His journey is marked by the use of different aspects of BIM, a key element to achieve "Lean" construction and design processes, which aims to create value for the customer by eliminating waste, supported by collaborative tools for project management, in the context of a systematic and rigorous approach to continuous improvement.  

Susan Brattberg
Founder and CCO Global eTraining 

Susan Brattberg is co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of Global eTraining, member of the Canada BIM Council board of directors, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Finalist, and Business in Calgary Award winner. With a decade of expertise in implementing innovative training programs for organizations of all sizes and industries, she is a trusted source of training advice by top executives at major global corporations, universities, and government agencies.  

Susan holds an Executive MBA and a BA in Management and Sociology with a specialization in Organizational Dynamics.

"I'm passionate about education and am pleased to be involved in the training & development industry. I believe that education is the key to long term sustainability of our society, corporations and individual success." - Susan