01. General Contractor

Keep your projects on track, teams accountable, and get the answers you need - quickly.

The user interface is so well put together. It’s a powerful tool, but very easy to understand.

Darren Roos

Corporate BIM/VDC Director at Bernards USA

With BIM Track, holding our team members and external partners accountable for coordination action items is easier than ever before. We no longer need to dig through meeting minutes or separate logs to track an item. We immediately know when an issue was created, where it is in the project, how long It has been open, who is responsible to resolve, along with detailed sketches of possible solution with threaded dialog from multiple parties.

Ryan Camer

Director of Virtual Construction at The Haskell Company

BIM Track has transformed how the coordination aspects of the BIM processes are managed, becoming the hub for all stakeholders to collaborate within.

Michael Boyd

Associate Director, BIM Manager at WSP

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TPR2 is the first major project on which Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est used BIM Track during the execution phase. Teams have embraced the idea of centralizing all comments so that important exchanges are not missed on several siloed channels. We were lucky to have contributors who had already experienced projects using a BIM approach.


Head of BIM Service EXE phase at Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est

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You have to commit to using BIM Track. If you put everything in BIM Track, you can get very impactful insights out of it. We have all the [coordination] information we could ever need. It allows us to run a pretty tight ship, and has taken a lot of the stress out of my job.


Virtual Construction Engineer at Sundt Construction

02. Architect

Easily communicate requests with other disciplines & reduce coordination management time.

The client has access to BIM Track. That's one of the things we like: the transparency

Lee Howard

CAD Manager & BIM Specialist at Allies & Morrison

BIM is above all collaboration and BIM Track is an easy tool to improve it. With BIM Track we coordinate complex projects with very large teams in an effective way: less email, more tasks, automatically generated reports and metric analysis of the team’s velocity!

Giacomo Bergonzoni

BIM Manager, R&D Coordinator at OPEN PROJECT

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BIM Track allowed us to communicate issues quickly and see their progress to resolution without getting lost in email chains.
Transparency of the project holistically helped foster a stronger sense accountability within the design team.

Edward Couper

BIM Manager at WilkinsonEyre

03. Owner

Make your BIM coordination process transparent & reduce unknown risk.

We had to have a central element that would bring everyone together and allow for consistency. This was an important success factor in the deployment of BIM.

Steve Tremblay

Director of BIM-PCI Integrated Practice Deployment at Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI)

We have a variety of clients, including doctors, judges, or others, and generally-speaking are people who do not work with consultation plans, models, or BIM in their daily lives. So whatever we choose has to be very easy, very accessible, and intuitive for them to use.

Steve Tremblay

Director of BIM-PCI Integrated Practice Deployment at Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI)

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04. Engineer

Ensure constructability issues are resolved on time & avoid rework on-site.

We have learnt that conventional coordination and review processes are no longer working with this new level of speed. BIM allows the different engineers to work simultaneously at the same project, that means communication has to be quicker and clearer. The BIM Track platform allowed us to detected errors or clashes very quickly and automatically send a message to the responsible person. This made us feel confident about the high quality of our work. On the whole, the new processes and possibilities coming with BIM Track created a much more relaxed atmosphere in the planning team.


Tunnel engineers at Amberg Engineering

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05. Consultant

Gain critical insight into issue resolution and save time on everyday coordination.

I don't know how we would do our projects without using BIM Track. BIM Track gives us the opportunity to share issues, clashes, reviews - everything we need to share with the client.

Moty Vankin


BIM Track saves us time and improves our clashes detection management when we are working in BIM models day in, day out!

Moty Vankin


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By facilitating coordination between all partners, BIM Track has reduced the time normally devoted to communications and redirected it to truly productive tasks.

Alain Pané

President and Director at SynthésArt

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Despite the sheer size of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane, we knew once issues had been assigned that we would rely on BIM Track to track and monitor through to close out. All we needed to do was manage the system.

Nick Rostin

Snr Digital Project Manager - QWB Lead, DBM Vircon.

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06. Trade Contractors

Trade Contractors

VDC coordination cannot be done in a bubble with just BIM coordinators.

The installers, the project managers, the designers and the BIM coordinators all must participate and BIM Track allows all members, even ones with out any type of BIM capability, to be completely involved.

Jacob d'Albora

Associate VP, McVeigh & Mangum Engineering Inc.

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