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BIM Track’s Microsoft Power BI integration via our API lets you visualize and completely tailor your issue reporting functionalities.

Here’s how it will help you create, track, and compare coordination KPIs across your company’s projects:

Visualize your data

Power BI’s data visualization tools help you see trends and better understand if your coordination is on track. Power BI gives you more visualization flexibility to suit your needs and audience, including white labeling your reports, creating custom dashboards, and interactive navigation through your data.

Analytics with meaning

Gain real-time insights about your construction projects, workflows, and coordination KPIs to make the right business decisions. Optimize your business intelligence strategy & get the analysis and benchmarking you need from your BIM Track communications.

360 view of your data

You can connect multiple software platforms into Power BI, including BIM Track. This allows you to identify trends project-wide, giving you the actionable information you need. Discover relationships between issues and design changes by presenting data in a single interface.

Using PowerBI with BIM Track is FREE;
simply connect to our API.

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Not comfortable setting it up yourself?

Our expert team offers Power BI Services to get you started. With our extensive strategic and technological BIM expertise, we can help you create and design action plans to optimize your data management strategy.