Project managers can now easily enter the world of BIM with our integration with E-Project’s digital document management solution. All team members can access models stored in E-Project with BIM Track’s online web viewer. 

Track and manage coordination issues across multiple BIM software programs. Issues raised in any program are instantly accessible in BIM Track and can be viewed in-context in with BIM Track’s add-ins ecosystem for quick resolution.

Keep documents up-to-date. Connecting through the BIM Track API allows all document updates included in BIM Track issues to be accessible in E-Project.

Reach out the FORMI-SA team for more information
about BIM Track’s integration with E-Project.

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  • New versions of documents are sent directly to BIM Track to ensure that the version used is always up to date.

  • The ability to manage live BIM Track issues directly in E-Project.

  • From a simple button in E-Project, access the federated model in the IFC viewer of BIM Track. This feature provides an entry point for E-Project users who are not yet using BIM.