MagiCAD is a BIM solution for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design. Combine MagiCAD’s powerful design features with BIM Track’s smart issue-tracking and communication platform for maximum coordination efficiency. 

Retrieve MagiCAD issues in other software or BIM Track’s web platform by using a BCF-based workflow to communicate with BIM Track. You can already access MagiCAD issues in Revit and AutoCAD, but BIM Track extends this connectivity so you can retrieve MagiCAD issues in programs like Navisworks, Tekla Structures, Solibri, Verity, IMAGINiT Clarity, Procore, and more via BCF.

Keep track of project communication in BIM Track’s centralized platform. Share action items in BIM Track and notify team members for increased visibility and accountability. 

Import and export BCFs to and from BIM Track
using MagiCAD’s BCF Manager

Search BCF in your version of
MagiCAD's user manual to get started

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Please note it’s also possible to export your MagiCAD model into BIM Track’s web viewer via IFC. The web viewer is a browser-based workspace that allows you to connect to the project’s 3D geometries as well as the issues and data held within the project. For help on exporting IFC files from MagiCAD, check out the correct MagiCAD user manual for your software version. You can also refer to BIM Track’s help desk article on how to import IFC files.

For more information on how to manage BCFs in BIM Track,
please see the article below: