Issue tracking in Tekla Structures and beyond

Is your team using Tekla Structures and you need a more efficient way to communicate issues? Stop wasting time discussing coordination issues in emails, phone calls and other disjointed means of communication. Join BIM Track’s Customer Success Manager Matthew Londei as he shares how to capture and resolve issues you encounter in Tekla Structures both from within and outside Tekla.

This demo-style webinar will cover:

  • How centralized issue tracking saves time and money.
  • Issue creation from Tekla Structures including selecting and marking up your issue viewpoint, and completing all issue attributes.
  • How all team members can update centralized issues in Tekla.
  • How a Tekla-based team can coordinate with teams based in Revit and other programs.
  • Giving issue access to PMs and other managers using BIM Track’s web viewer.
  • Tracking issue resolution progress on a project-wide basis.
  • Creating instant coordination reports tailored to your needs.

Matthew Londei

Customer Success Manager

Matthew Londei has over 8 years of experience developing in AEC/o technology market. He is instrumental in helping customers configure BIM Track for their project and define measurable metrics of success based on their project requirements.

Matthew Londei maximizes his 7+ years of experience in the AEC software space to help our clients. Matthew prides himself on setting up our customers for success from their very first project. Feel free to reach out to him directly at any time.

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