Webinar: centralize your issue tracking communications

What if all issue communications, including person assigned, due date, comments and a visual of the issue, were always up to date? What if they could be accessed anywhere? What if you could track and respond to your issues directly inside of Navisworks & Revit? Streamline your design and construction issue communication with BIM Track. Join our VP Christian Proulx as he shares the optimal issue resolution workflow, working with maximal context in your day-to-day software.

See how simple it is to:

  •    Create BIM Track issues directly from your Navisworks clashes
  •    View and respond to assigned issues within Revit
  •    Manage Revit and Navisworks Viewpoints in the cloud
  •    Create issues in Revit
  •    Automatically generate issue and clash spheres in Revit, Navisworks or Viewer
  •    Share project issues, viewpoints, and models with project stakeholders using just a browser
  •    Obtain single-click project metrics & reports for Design Review Reporting

Christian Proulx

Vice-President Sales & Marketing

Christian has many years’ experience, both hands-on working for a major GC / construction manager, and enhanced by 9 years of project management experience at expert owner Aeroport de Quebec Inc. (AQI). Christian implemented BIM for major projects and joined the CanBIM board of directors to participate in the development of BIM in the Canadian community. Christian is now responsible for business development at BIM Track.