The BIM Track + Verity integration makes resolving as-built variances easy

Check real-world accuracy and transform Verity variance data seamlessly into issues in Navisworks. Once issues are pushed from Verity to BIM Track, you can access the issues in the online web viewer, or in-context in any software supported by our add-ins. 

Involve the right people in the issue tracking process with centralized communication and accountability. Track issues through to resolution and monitor overall project progress with BIM Track’s powerful metrics & analytics. Keep stakeholders up-to-date by scheduling and sending automated reports.  

Watch BIM Track and Verity webinar: Coordination, Issue tracking, and QA with BIM Track and Verity



  • Publish all the items that are “Out of Tolerance” directly to BIM Track.
  • Add views from the Verity split panes to the BIM Track issue as a separate and selectable viewpoint.
  • Use BIM Track’s powerful reporting and analytics to follow-up on discrepancies between model and reality.
  • Access issues in the original authoring platform to streamline the issue resolution workflow.