BIMoffice is an all-in-one Open BIM solution for managing companies and managing construction projects A to Z. The new BIMOffice + BIM Track integration allows you to centralize all your issue-related communication across projects and platforms, and stay informed in BIMoffice of everything that happens on BIM Track. 

View activity carried out on BIM Track since your last session, and access the relevant issues or users. Actively contribute to problem-solving directly from your BIMoffice interface and find the issues assigned to a user in their history. 


  • Create BIMoffice projects on BIM Track in one click with all the necessary data, and automatically sync BIM Track data with BIMoffice projects
  • Maintain BIMoffice "Current Project" idea in BIM Track to simplify and secure work on several projects
  • Add comments or attachments to issues in BIMoffice for effective problem-solving across collaborators
  • Store BIM Track user identification in your address book to use them on your next project
  • Access a full history of BIM Track issue activity to have complete visibility of each person's actions
  • Publish plans and zones automatically retrieved from the ARCHICAD model directly to BIM Track